Noah Mangwarara

Positively Impacting Humanity


Noah is a versatile corporate trainer who has honed several years of experience to become a reputable solution provider. He remains relevant to the human capacity development needs of the hour. Noah uses his experience in different settings, garnered over 20 years of training individuals at all levels to drive points home, leaving all audiences mesmerized and bubbling with ideas to implement.

Noah has trained programs ranging from corporate governance, customer service, transformational leadership, management development, performance management, organizational culture alignment, public speaking mastery, negotiation skills, supervisory management, conflict resolution, effective communication skills, and diversity and inclusivity amongst a wide range of training areas he has facilitated over the years.


Championing and driving human capital development is our daily agenda. Any entity looking for skilled corporate trainers, facilitators, inspirational speakers and high performance team builders should look no further than us. Our thrust to people development is hinged on the precept that the saw should be sharpened continuously if ever the best results are to be realized. People being the most important resource in any organization should be trained with the best in breed corporate trainers.

Our expertise and experience spans more than two decades and lies in human development research, designing training content and delivering effective training programs and facilitating engaging workshops and seminars. Through delivery of unique in-house programmes and public workshops that address the specifics of each entity, our value addition remains second to none.


Some of the programmes that we train include but are not limited to

  • Leadership development
  • Management training
  • Performance management and appraisals
  • Balanced scorecard training
  • Effective presentation skills
  • Business Communication etiquette
  • Transformational leadership and executive intelligence
  • Negotiation skills
  • Supervisory training
  • Labour relations
  • Workers committee
  • Conflict resolution and management
  • Essential selling skills
  • Customer Service
  • Change management
  • Diplomatic leadership
  • Conflict resolution

Customized solutions that address the unique needs of each client are developed and delivered. Whether it’s developing leadership skills, improving communication and collaboration among team members, enhancing personal effectiveness or overcoming obstacles to success, we remain committed to helping our clients achieve their goals.

With a proven track record of success in working with diverse groups of people across different industries, our reputation as trusted advisors and partners who can connect with people at all levels of an organization is spot on.

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