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Noah  remains a Leadership Catalyst and Transformational Speaker bent on inspiring and enabling leaders get the best out of their potential. Through the use of a wide range of tools like personal coaching, self assessments and mentorship programmes, many seemingly ordinary leaders are transitioned to high performance levels. The primary agenda is to humanize organizations through effective leadership that converts into sustainable success and progress, with a clear track record of positivity and impact. 

Noah assists in raising human capacity at the board, senior management levels and across the whole organization to enhance organizational effectiveness as shown by profitability, breakthrough thinking, passionate execution and sustainability.


Team spirit and cohesion do not happen overnight. It is a process that is honed and developed over time through experiences and different interactions in the quest to add value. The process shouldn’t however be left to chance. Instead, there is a lot that teams can do to promote team spirit and usher development and growth

One effective way is to engage a motivational speaker who comes to address the team towards the particular objective. Noah Mangwarara has over the years boosted employee spirits in different organizations, large and small. He has offered inspiration and helped organizations move forward in a new trajectory. He tailors solutions and speeches per company, per region, per industry, per employee and per identified challenge.

Noah Rekindles team spirit for high performance  

Because of the challenges in the operating environment, it is normal for companies to lose the tempo and slump in spirits. With polished oratory skills, storytelling power, and rich thoroughly researched content, Noah has the rare ability to break the monotony of repetitive tasks and duties that leads to your team burning out. The impactful power talks that Noah delivers helps the team gain the lost mojo.

Team performance and productivity are enhanced

Tried and tested tools, techniques, and strategies are used to help teams enhance their performance and productivity. When combined with stories of perseverance, determination, tenacity and resilience, these tools can help your team to be rejuvenated with a new sense of energy. Through learning from the experience of other successful teams, and getting to know how they kept going in the face of adversity, can help any team anywhere to perform amidst the challenges. Bringing more than two decades of interacting with different teams in different industries and countries, Noah shares one story after another of individuals and teams that have faced different challenges and yet came out of those testing times with a happy and victorious ending. These act as life-changing experiences that the power to exponentially boost your team’s performance and productivity.

Refocus the team’s priorities 

Motivational talks build on personal experiences and examples drawn from many individuals and teams and the lessons learnt along the way. Having travelled to different places and dealership with a variety of entities in different industries, Noah brings his depth of insight to assist in refocusing the team to the rightful priorities. Many challenges faced by your team are similar to what others have experienced in their development. The moment your team gets to listen to someone who has a varied view of the world, they can take a leaf out of the speaker’s book on how they can also handle the same situation differently, more efficiently, and grow from it.

Stress and strain are two things people across the board are bound to face. The speaker provides a fresh perspective on how to look at and deal with stress and conflict more productively and healthily. Your team can go from viewing challenges as something that is demotivating and debilitating, to something that can be used to improve and develop oneself and the team.

Furthermore, Noah helps the team in


Noah Mangwarara remains a versatile Motivational coach and human capacity development expert who understands the needs of the hour.

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