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  • Bravery in Execution
  • Use great tact to greatness
  • Power of patience
  • Spend time with achievers
  • A passionate soul wins
  • Less talk, more action
  • The majority is often wrong
  • Disciplined in Execution
  • Power of Integrity
  • Storms are necessary
  • Feed on current information
  • Test before trusting
  • Renew yourself daily
  • Action orientation
  • Go to the high places
  • Legacy of impact

Sour Like an Eagle

This high impact book was written to jump start the reader onto the path of greatest and continue within such a trajectory. Nugget upon nugget is shared, with each one backed by a real life example on how such a principle has been applied. The author picks success, leadership and greatness lessons from the life of an eagle and brings each one into the context of human existence.

The principles shared in the book are

Power of Belief

An eagle believes in her own capabilities, attaining heights of 15km into the sky. Such attainments are as a result of total belief in themselves. Nothing much has been achieved by an individual lacking self confidence and conviction in what they can offer to the world. It’s not about great talent or acumen but the rightful thinking that it can be done.

Great Vision

With a sense of sight that enables it to see prey 5km away, the eagle’s vision is exceptional, enabling it to scoop on unsuspecting prey with easy. Vision is power. It all starts in the ability of the person to see the invisible and then bringing such to life. Examples of the Wright Brothers of the aeroplane fame came to mind, Soichiro Honda of the Honda Motor Corporation and many others who formed great enterprises from scratch.

Wisdom Power

An eagle can sit on top of a tree for a good 3 hours just observing the proceedings of what’s taking place on the ground. The ability to sit back, reflect and process ideas is a sign of great wisdom. It is through the application of knowledge and then acting that seemingly ordinary individuals have been ushered unto greatness. The wisest of kings asked for wisdom above all else.

Power of Focus

It doesn’t matter the number of potential prey at the disposal of an eagle, the eagle never attempts to grab two things at a time. Instead, the eagle target one particular prey at a time. Chances of success are greatly enhanced as a result. What you focus on expands. Greatness is a function of knowing what not to do. You cannot do everything and be everywhere.

Maximize on your capabilities

The eagle uses her sharp beak and talons in every hunting expedition. The talons sink deep into the flesh of prey, with the beak being used to easily pierce the animal skin. It is through the knowledge of one’s capabilities and the application of such that great results are realised. Placing one’s attention on the area of strength has the effect of magnifying the achievement. Great sportspersons identify the area of their niche and give their all to such until they etch their names in the annals of history. Never spend too much time on the area of weakness lest you lose out on opportunities that can take you to your fortune.

 Go for the bigger things

Eagles never go after the grasshoppers and the insects of this world. An eagle hunts big prey like rabbits, goats and other sizeable prey that fill them up. The effort spend on the smaller things can waste one away to a point where you won’t have enough power to give attention to what matters most. On being asked what he wanted to do, Henry Ford always spoke in terms of being the ‘Napoleon of Mechanics.’ He had big picture thinking and that made all the difference in his life. Think so big that those around you get scared when they hear you speak about your dreams.

Power of change mastering

Eagles prepare their nests through a process of envisaging the different stages and changes that will take place from the time they lay the eggs until the eaglets are mature enough to fly. When the eagle plucks her feathers to place in the nest, it is a sign of commitment to whatever she is engaging upon. The feathers are also meant for the comfort of the next. Below the feathers is a layer of grass. After the grass are thorns facing inwards. These thorns are inserted so that when the eaglets are old enough to fly, the thorns are exposed by the mother thereby creating discomfort in the nest. The eaglets then jump out of the nest and fly out. Then comes the twigs and another layer of thorns on the exterior of the nest. Each level is a pointer to the fact that change is here to stay.

Hard Work pays

An eagle can lift something twice her own weight. Such is a sign of hard work which is a foundation of all great work. Anyone who desires to make it big must be prepared to sacrifice and work harder that the average person. It is said of John D. Rockefeller that he would go about from continent to continent buying things for resell. Is it a miracle that he became the richest men in his generation?

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