Noah Mangwarara

Positively Impacting Humanity


Noah continues to assist corporates, schools, quasi government and spiritual establishments in developing Vision and strategies that are practical within the context of the environment.

As strategy facilitator, Noah provides oversight on Strategy Formulation, Strategy Implementation, Strategy Review and Evaluation. This is coupled with partnership development, stakeholder engagement and management.

Noah offers strategic team coaching to ensure a clear line of fit that cascades from the executive suite to the lower levels, involving everyone in the process.

Noah’s approach remains simple and straightforward, mainly driven by his mantra of ‘Simplifying Complexity’ for the betterment of institutions as reflected by tangible results on the bottomline.


My goal as a strategic planning facilitator is to support your organization to do its best thinking to create a motivating, actionable plan amidst the changes since the last strategy. This is done through Motivational presentations, props, expert questioning technics, engagement of everyone and various Mind-blowing activities meant at making the whole process enjoyable but producing the intended results. 


As an independent, objective facilitator, l bring outside perspective, experience and the skills to:


Keep the team focused

There is nothing that beats concentration. Real strategy comes down to knowing what not to do. There is no force that can stand on the path of a focused and determined team. 


Ask probing questions

All the answers that we have ever desired rest in the asking of the right questions. Charting the right game plan into the future boils down to knowing the questions to ask. How can they answer unless they are asked? And how can they be asked unless there is a competent facilitator? Noah brings his effective communication prowess to the process as he asks critical questions that unearth underlying solutions. 


Encourage full participation 

Strategy is never a one man show. Everyone at the table should have their say. Total buy in to the strategy starts from the involvement of all the members of the strategic team. 


Balance personalities

Everything is done with the appreciation that each member is unique and the different personalities at the table are engaged in such a way that there is a balanced delivery of the results. 


Advance the personal learning of each member

Learning is a never ending journey of continuous discovery. Every strategy session and engagement is used as a platform to learn from each other. The facilitator’s expertise lies in tapping into what is known by one and ensuring that it is learnt by another. The idea is to enable the team to harness into their collective wisdom, making everyone better as a result of being a member of the team. 


Help create sound, intelligent, sustainable agreements

At the end of it all, the ultimate goal is to come up with a clear road map. The facilitators continuously point to the end result as a way of building the desired future for the entity.

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